"Using luminous colors, Portland-based painter John Knight depicts the ever-changing nature of the plants and wildflowers he views in his own backyard or on frequent nature walks at Maine Audubon’s Gilsland Farm in Falmouth."
-Kate Irish Collins, The Forecaster

"This is where Knight takes a great lesson from van Gogh: No one has been better at using wet paint to combine lines into colored rhythms that pulse with color and energy." 
-Daniel Kany, Portland Press Herald

"Artist John Knight finds beauty and strength in the humblest of plants."  
-Suzette McAvoy, Maine Home and Design

"Knight realizes all things in nature deserve equality and devotes his artistic career to sharing ignored splendor. "The contagious weed draws the energy from the sky; deliberate brush strokes pull the color to the heart of the canvas.""This collection asks one major question: What endures? What in your life and soul has the will to grow and thrive despite daily attempts to uproot it? These paintings stare at you and confront you."
-Maggie Knowles, Portland Phoenix

"Artist's paintings soon to grace walls of Southeast Asia embassy..."
-Emily Parkhurst, the Forecaster

"Knight's weed paintings demand to be noticed."
-Penobscot Bay Pilot

"...if you're too old and cynical to see the world this way on your own, and haven't got a young pair of eyed to help you along, have a look at Knight's paintings.  They just might do the trick."
-Lori Waxman, Live Art Critic 

"The viewer gets the sense of tenacity and of unprogrammed beauty in unplanned places, a sort of nod to the wisdom of nature and of man’s inability to suppress that."
-Sue Harrison, Provincetown Banner

"Often in these current paintings the tall weed twists like the barber pole spiral, not on the sidewalk of a city street but defining an energy vortex in a barren spot...  His weeds are skyscrapers in the desert.  They reach between the rocks and the clouds." 
-Christopher Busa, Provincetown Arts

-Maine Art Scene Interview

-Tidal Nocturne Catalog